The Netherlands is one of the most important shipping centers in Europe. The Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and was once the busiest port in the world. The Dutch inland waterway network is the densest in Europe, with a total length of 6,242 km.

In June, the Container Supply Chain EUROPE Exhibition (TOC EUROPE) was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The exhibition is a professional exchange platform for port business such as global ports, terminals, shipping and related equipment suppliers. The exhibition will focus on the latest port operation equipment and technical solutions.

As a solution provider in the field of green and smart port, Jianlong participated in the exhibition from June 13-15, 2023. At this exhibition, Jianlon focused on the application cases of green smart ports: including high and low voltage shore socket boxes, high voltage dual cable management systems and power connectors of different voltages and currents.

Jianlong has in-depth discussions with global industry customers from Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and so on.