JL07 (350A,7200V)

◇ Maximum current: 350A, maximum voltage: 72,00V (4 core).
◇ Housing is made of cast aluminum; sealing is made of chloroprene rubber; fasteners are made of stainless steel.
◇ Monolithic insulators are made of nylon PA6. Insulators for power supply and power contact inside plug and socket are interchangeable.
◇ The contact material is silver-plated copper alloy which highest ambient temperature is 200℃.
◇ The cable terminals are press-fit and removable.
◇ The standard configuration is two guided contacts, and the ground contact ensures ground continuity.
◇ The power supply contacts are equipped with patented internal cage bushings for easy use.
◇ Products are corrosion resistance and with good insulation. Protection grade is IP66.
◇ Got the China Classification Society certification.

CONNOTEC power connectors are widely used in: ports, docks, ships, power plants, railways, tunnels, mines and other regions.

CONNOTEC power connectors could be used with CONNOTEC shore connection system.