Jiangsu Jianlong Electrical CO,.LTD was founded in 1992, located in Mechanical and Electrical Industry Park in Stone Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province. The sales branch is in Shanghai. Currently Jianlong has more than 500 employees and 20 technical R&D engineers with 30,000 square meters' workshop area in the factory. In 2016, Jianlong's annual turnover was over 20 million USD.

       After 20 years development, by the concept of "never-ending technical innovation", high-quality products and good services, Jianlong finally became one of the most influential enterprises. Now Jianlong products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands. Now Jianlong has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, CCC, CE, TUV, ROHS, CCS, BSI KM71062.

       Jianlong achieved outstanding results in the fileds of combined units, product design, mold, metalworking, plastic products, aluminum castings. Independent R&D high protection degree enclosures got "Utility model patent certificate" from State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C. CONNOTEC enclosures are made by imported ABS, PC material, products are mainly used by middle-end/high-end customers. The enclosures could meet the needs of special occasions like waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion environments indoors and outdoors. Enclosures' protection grade is up to IP67 which tested by the Shanghai Testing & Inspection Institute for Electrical Equipment.

         CONNOTEC enclosures are widely used as: maintenance boxes, distribution boxes, terminal boxes in electrical equipments, communications, fire fighting, machinery, automation, instrumentation and other industries; control box in railway transport, shipping, petrochemical industry, large factories, ports and docks, water treatment, mining, environmental protection; collection box, combiner box in wind energy, solar energy, hydropower stations, etc.

        In 2009, Jianlong actively responded to the Chinese National Development Plan, combined with the application of shore power technology and technology trends, relying on 26 years of electrical R & D and production experience, focusing on the features of domestic and foreign coasts, rivers, ports, finally successfully invented shore high-current plugs, sockets and shore connection systems. Products cover from low to high voltage, from 160A to 660A full range of plugs, sockets; application covers container docks, cruise docks, bulk cargo docks, dangerous docks. Rely on high-quality, cost-effective products, Jianlong is providing clients with safe, reliable shore connection system, promoting green ports' construction and helping ports' upgrade transformation for the whole world.

        Jianlong is the only Chinese enterprise who got "China Classification Society" certificate in shore connector. As one of the Chinese standard drafter of shore connection systems, Jianlong and the relevant state departments drafted "high-voltage shore electrical connection system", "industrial plug and socket coupler" national standards. Now CONNOTEC shore connection systems and high current plugs and sockets have been applied and promoted in dozens of ports, rivers in East China, North China, South China.
        In 2015, Jianlong invited high-quality, multi-capacity, custom shore-based power supply socket box, filling the gaps in China. Jianlong shore connection systems strictly follow the domestic and international standards, accord with IEC/ ISO/ IEEE 80005-1, GB/ T 30845.1-2014, JTS 155 and other requirements. In recent 2 years, Jianlong shore connection systems have been applied in the Yantai Port, Zhangjiagang Port, Weihai Port, Binzhou Port, Huanghua Port, Chongming Port, Changxing Island, Taicang Port, Qingdao Qianwan, Lianyungang, Chongqing Port,  Chaotianmen Port, Fangchenggang, Fuzhou Port  more than 40 shore projects by excellent products and perfect service. Products can support the needs of huge power supplys for different types of ships, such as container ships, bulk carriers, cruise ships, LNG / LPG, passenger roller, etc.
        At present, CONNOTEC enclosures and shore connection systems have become a high quality Chinese brand, many well-known brands such as ABB, Siemens, BG, HPM, MENNEKES, HENSEL, Huawei, State Grid, Zhenhua Heavy Industry, Baowu Steel, Sany Heavy Industry, China Shipping Group, Baiyun Electric, XJ Group, Xuzhou Heavy Industries, Shanghai Electric, Yihai Kerry and other hundreds of well-known enterprises and dozens of port, docks have a good business relationship with us.